How to Bake a Perfect Life

Lovely, Lovely book. I’ve read every single one of Barb’s books, as they were published. I’ve enjoyed all of them. But How to Bake Perfect Life is the best yet.

This goes beyond a “genre” book, this is one that will satisfy every reader. Relationships feel like real relationships, all the people feel like real people. It’s a story with heart and soul. She even gets the dog and cat right.

As for the recipes: they are well written and clear. Easy to follow, one can bake a great loaf from each one of them.

Knowing the locales in which the book is set, I can even follow the directions to the various places: she gets that just right, too. Accurate ambiance

I feel like I know these people and certainly want to hear more about them. Is this the beginning of a duet or trilogy? There are some mysterious clues indicating that may be so (who is Liam, anyway?). I certainly hope so. This is a world worth exploring, and Barb is a great guide.

A Worthy Read


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