New Beginnings

Today’s book: A Barroom View of Love by Susan Scott Morales.

She gets it right! Wow! It can be chancy to read a book featuring topics and places (even if disguised) with which one is intimately familiar — what if the author get’s it wrong? These people are so real that they feel like people I know or have known. They behave in ways that make sense. The situations are plausible and interesting. I love the feeling of “I’ve met her,” or “I’ve met him,” or, especially, “I WISH I’d meet him!”

I want all my friends to read this book. It is women’s fiction at its best — and men will like it too.

It’s a new-fashioned love story, a heart-warming mother-daughter story, an eye-opening look at ashram life.

And in the interests of full-disclosure: I have known and liked Susan for many years (and if I hadn’t like the book, I simply wouldn’t have reviewed it.) and yes, I’m married to the publisher of the book.

Official distribution begins in November. It can be ordered now from


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